About the Pieces

All fabric/wraps are individually hand woven and constructed and washed for shrinkage and permanent weave structure.


Infinity Wraps: 
Infinity Wraps are permanently constructed in a “loop” so to say, the shape of the “infinity” sign. Unlike shawls, the best feature is that you no longer have to fuss with the wrap sliding off your shoulder. Like a poncho, the wrap goes over the head which is what keeps it from falling off. wraps may be constructed with or without the “loop.” Shawls also available upon request.
Length varies  60-80″ x 20-22″ W. Fringe aprx 4″
Priced  $295-350
Optional: with buttons


Finally, a way to utilize all my remnants that were too small to make into garments!
My styles include:
-“pill box” with or without button: $65
-“faux cap” with or without button: $65
Hats may have polar fleece lining or simply a double woven lining. They come in S (24″), M (25″), L (26″).
Any or all colors may be used. The ideas and combos are endless!


Individually hand woven and pre-washed. Approximately 60-65″ L x 8″ W or 80-90″ L x 20″ W.
Priced between $95-$350
price may change according to size specs.


Scawrape / loop scarf
A tube scarf that can be worn multiple ways. Including wrapped around the neck multiple times; made to look like a faux vest either long in front or long in back; may be worn like a long necklace; tied like a scarf….it’s a creative and fun change from my standard scarves. Some are woven remnants of fiber combos pieced together like a quilt with multiple seams and others are woven solely on the loom with one seam.
Priced at $150


With or without embellishments


All one color or two colors