About Ami

I taught myself the art of weaving, through tireless repetitions and the creaking of the loom. The sounds of the loom, smells of the fibers, colors and textures blended together — this became part of my daily life.

In the mid 70’s and again in the 80’s I traveled to Mexico. I explored the mountains, coastal villages and markets through the lens of a camera in school buses that were shared by the indigenous people of Mexico. While traveling, I was struck by the colorful garments and shawls worn in contrast to the purple hues of the skies beyond. At that time, photography was my passion; weaving was simply appreciated but not yet learned.

From there,
I found myself drawn once again to the bright rich colors like those that inspired me in Mexico. Now as then, I continue to experience my weaving as interplay of textures and colors and fibers blending together into one. In addition to the bright colors, I’ve added to my inventory assorted neutrals, browns, blacks and blues. But it’s the bright colors which always inspire me most.
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